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Welcome to the Ontario Northland Historical & Technical Society online photo archive. Through the work and contributions of our members, we will share images of the ONR, TNO and NCR with our members and the public.

We will begin slow and add new features and material along the way. In the future we hope to offer select images for sale as prints or downloads. We also will be adding content for members to download for free out of the ONRH&TS collection.

So browse the galleries, or try using keywords. You can also try the top keywords below, or search them using the box above. For example, to search for a photo of GP9 #1605 in North Bay, simply enter Dsl 1605 North Bay in the search box and click the button.

Free free to drop us a note with comments, questions or requests in our Guestbook. You can also leave comments or offer additional information on the subject itself while viewing photos.


Membership in the ONRH&TS includes the annual calendar, attendance for events, periodic newsletters and access to the library and photo archive (being developed). Current membership fees, 2015, are $25 per year in Canadian funds or $25 per year in US funds for US and overseas addresses. Please contact our membership chair at: onrh-ts@rogers.com.

Summer Convention

Information about our 2015 Summer Convention has been posted to the ONRH&TS Members Galleries section.

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For questions, please e-mail our membership chair at e-mail: onrh-ts@rogers.com


Steam Locos

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